The Heartfelt Connection: Live Streaming Funerals During the Holiday Season

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A Personal Touch in Times of Farewell: My Approach to Live Streaming Funerals During the Holiday Season My ‘WHY?’ As the holiday season nears, I find myself reflecting on its dual nature: a time for joyous gatherings, yet also a period marked by poignant memories for those who have lost loved ones. Through my own […]

Five Good Reasons to Video Live Stream a Funeral Service of Your Loved One

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Is Live Streaming a Funeral Still Relevant now the Covid Pandemic is over? Before the lockdowns associated with COVID-19, only a few people were starting to live stream some funeral services, especially if relatives overseas couldn’t attend. When the lockdowns prevented even locals from attending funerals, live streaming the service became very popular. Although people […]

Farewell Memories to Treasure with a Funeral Video

Farewell Memories to Treasure with a Funeral Video When a loved one dies, it is always challenging. Shock, grief, anger, and other emotions hit hard, and you may seem in a fog. Amid this pain, you must publicly farewell your loved one at the funeral service. While the funeral service is an integral part of […]

Children and The Loss of a Loved One

How Are the Children and Grandchildren Coping With The Loss of a Loved One? When someone passes and the family is grieving and trying to make all the necessary arrangements, how the children and grandchildren are coping with the loss of their loved one is often overlooked, partly because children may express their grief in […]

Coping With the Passing of a Loved One During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The passing of a loved one is never easy. Covid and all the related restrictions makes coping much more difficult. Firstly, our sincerest condolences from Paul Sheaffe and Julia Williams. Following the death of a loved one, you may encounter the following: Need to apply for compassionate and compelling exemptions to coronavirus travel bans: Check […]