Funeral Video Live Streaming Sutherland Shire Sydney

The passing of a loved one is never easy.

In this time of personal distancing & isolation during this Coronavirus Pandemic, we are all placed under strict new rules, restricting our ability to participate in many social activities that we are used to being in a normal part of life.

Sadly, these restrictions apply to some of the happiest events, as well as to some of the saddest events that come our way.

Family members, loved ones, friends, will continue to pass away from normal causes. But we are severely restricted as to who can attend their farewell service. I understand how this can be devastating for many, and I’d like to offer some help.

Covid and all of the related restrictions makes coping much more difficult.

A video recording of such an event might not totally replace being there in person, but can provide some sense of comfort for both those who were there as well as those who could not attend. It provides a permanent keepsake and reminder of who was there and the stories told of the loved one’s life.

I have been video recording funerals, memorial services, celebration services, for many years, but have not publicly advertised this service – until now.

Why have funeral video recording?

So why video record a funeral service? many say. There are several compelling reasons and those who have taken up this opportunity have been truly grateful that they did.

A few reasons:

  1. We don’t get much notice. There is usually quite a short lead time from the passing of a loved one till their service is to be held.
  2. Many relatives and friends might not be able to travel in time, particularly if overseas or interstate, where travel and accommodation might need to be arranged at short notice.
  3. This is especially critical now during this pandemic restrictions, as local friends and even relatives may not be allowed to attend.
  4. The partner/spouse is usually in a  state of mourning, and often in a state of shock. They might not remember who was there, or what was said about their loved one.
  5. They might not come to grips with it for days, weeks or even months, losing that precious memory forever.

The Solution

I professionally record the service, respectfully and unobtrusively, using one or more cameras as appropriate, and capturing the best sound possible at the venue. A high definition video file can be available next day. It’s uploaded for all friends and family to view, wherever they are, around the world. The video becomes a permanent keepsake and memorial of the service. (An optional DVD or USB may also be produced if required.)

There are a few examples of those I have produced on this page, from small intimate farewells, to huge celebrations. With and without caskets, burials and cremations, in churches, chapels and public halls to accommodate huge numbers.

I’d love to be able to assist you and your family though your time of grief and this difficult period. Please reach out via email or just call me on my mobile, to discuss in more detail.

I’m here to help you.

Funeral Video Live Streaming

We also now specialise in Live Streaming of these services, so family and friends may be “present” at the time of the service, without actually being there in person. Learn more about our Funeral Video Live Streaming Sutherland Shire Sydney.

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