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You’ve just lost someone important to you! It can be hard to know how you’re going to get through the week. How will you handle the rest of your life? Without them!

And yet, you’re faced with the massive task of planning a funeral. There’s been a pandemic, complicated by government restrictions. Family and friends are spread all over the country and around the globe.

How can you do this?!

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So it’s easy for you to be overwhelmed, stressed, and drained, and it’s an extra load on the grief you’re already carrying.
How will everyone who matters be able to attend your Loved One’s farewell?
How can you provide a meaningful closure for yourself and everyone else who matters?

** Read our guide to Coping with the Passing of a Loved One During Covid-19 **

Now, there’s a way to celebrate the life of your loved one and share that with all of your extended family and friends – no matter where they are.

Celebrate the Life of That Special Someone and Give Everyone the Opportunity to say Farewell with Funeral and Memorial Services Video Live Streaming and Recording!

Pauls Productions provides personalised video solutions so you can keep a lasting memory of your final goodbye, and include all the people who matter – even if they can’t attend in person.


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Multi-Camera Funeral Live Stream

You want to provide practical support and closure for family and friends who can’t attend the funeral or memorial service. You would love to create a lasting memory of the funeral or memorial service, that serves as a special memory for you, your family, and all those who are unable to attend in person.
Pauls Productions offers you the following services when planning a funeral:

Video Live Streaming: Give loved ones the chance to say farewell even if they are unable to attend on the day

Funeral Recording Keepsake: Create a cherished memory and permanent keepsake for you and for absent loved ones

Dedicated Video Tributes: Honour the life and celebrate the special moments shared with your dearly departed

If you are looking for a respectful and unobtrusive way to provide a final farewell, call Paul and learn about Compassionate Farewell Solutions. When you speak with Paul, he will help:

Identify why it’s so challenging for you to provide closure for everyone in the funeral plans, when there are limits to travel and attendance;

Identify your vision and values for the funeral or memorial service, and what's stopping you from including it;

Show you how you can involve all the people who matter, on the day - whether they can attend in person or not - whilst you create a special, lasting memory of the event that honours your loved one.

Get Your Personalised Compassionate Farewell Video Solution.

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We have several examples of how we can help you preserve the memories of your loved ones on this page. Find more examples in this VIMEO Showcase. Whatever your needs – be it a burial, cremation, or at a church, public hall or other location, we can assist.

If you would like to know more about video recording Funeral or Memorial Services please contact us using the link below. We’re here ready to help you through this difficult time.

And yes, we are still fully vaccinated, Covid Safe, and available and helping families through this Corona Virus crisis.

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