Pauls Productions Compassionate Funeral Video Live Streaming

Funeral Video & Live Streaming

Have you just lost someone important to you!

How will everyone who matters be able to attend your Loved One’s farewell?

Now, you can use personalised funeral video live streaming, and include all the people who matter even if they can’t attend in person. You can receive a high-quality, multi-camera video recording so that you can keep and share a lasting memory of your final goodbye.

We provide practical support and closure for those who can’t attend the funeral or memorial service with respectful and unobtrusive video live streaming and recording.
At the same time we create a lasting memory of the funeral or memorial service, that serves as a special keepsake for you, your family, and all those who are unable to attend in person.

Celebrate the Life of That Special Someone and Give Everyone the Opportunity to say Farewell with Funeral and Memorial Services Video Live Streaming and Recording!


Our Business Video Services

Video is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. Not only does it help deliver your message and drive traffic to your website, it also gives your business personality. It builds a level of credibility and trust that helps you stand out from your competitors.

You will want the right videos in the right places on your website. We create engaging video from a wide variety of situations because we capture your message at events such as conferences and seminars, through to all types of business-centric videos such as testimonials, training, product demonstrations and more. So discover the power of video for your business today.

Why Choose Pauls Productions?

Pauls Productions has more than 21 years experience in recording Funeral Videos & creating engaging video content for business.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the recent pandemic, Pauls Productions introduced Video Live Streaming to complement the recording of Funeral Videos. This is now our specialty & focus.

We are experienced in videography, video live streaming and production with expertise in a varity of video styles. We’ve helped many Sole Traders, SMEs, Corporates, Government and not-for-profit organisations in many different industries over the years.

So, when it comes to video, we know what works!

At Pauls Productions we do more than just press “record”. We work with you to create video content that meets your objectives, resonates with and engages your target audience. So we help your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Therefore, whatever your business, we can help you increase your profile, attract more clients to grow your business with engaging video content.

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