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Is Live Streaming a Funeral Still Relevant now the Covid Pandemic is over?

Before the lockdowns associated with COVID-19, only a few people were starting to live stream some funeral services, especially if relatives overseas couldn’t attend. When the lockdowns prevented even locals from attending funerals, live streaming the service became very popular. Although people can attend funerals again, there are still many reasons why live streaming and recording a funeral service is appropriate.

Not Everyone Can Attend a Funeral in Person – Why?

1.      The Tyranny of Distance

We live in a global economy, and even within Australia, there is plenty of movement and long distances to cover to attend a funeral service in Sydney, Australia. Whether you have loved ones overseas, in the country, or living interstate, live streaming the funeral service allows anyone living far away to say a proper farewell. In the past, people felt the tyranny of distance when someone died, and they could not attend the funeral. Live streaming enables everyone to say goodbye, no matter how far away they live.

2.      Restrictive Limit Time Available

Live streaming enables those who cannot take leave for a full day to say goodbye. Shift workers or essential workers, like police, paramedics, and nurses, often cannot take leave to attend a funeral service, even though they would like to.

Live streaming the service enables workers to view the service without missing a full day of work. And of course, they can also watch the replay of the Funeral Video.

3.      Health Considerations, Physical Limitations

The sick or infirmed may not be able to mix in a crowded environment, whether it be a cold or flu, Covid or long-term illness.

Pregnant ladies or those with lower immune systems may need to avoid crowds to prevent illness.

Frail elderly disabled and vulnerable relatives and friends may not physically be able to attend a funeral service in person, even if only a short distance away.

However, they all wish for the opportunity to say farewell to those they love. To live stream the service can reach people in nursing homes, respite, hospital or the comfort of their own homes, to watch the service live stream or the funeral video replay.

4.      Other Family Commitments

Choosing between priorities can be difficult, but sometimes must be made.

A Mother who is about to or has just given birth may be unable to travel with her baby to the funeral, especially before the baby is vaccinated.

A close family wedding, with months in the planning, at a distant location to the funeral? Could you choose?

There can be many reasons individuals cannot attend the funeral or memorial services in person, but live streaming and recording the service provides access to everyone. Maybe you have a different reason?

5.      Live Streaming Allows People to Rewatch the Service

Usually, the professionally live streamed event will have a link that stays active for some time after the service. Even those who were able to attend in person can rewatch the service. Sometimes, amid grief, taking in everything happening can be very challenging. Rewatching the service and hearing the eulogy again can be comforting and healing to those left behind. It can remind you of who was there and what was said that you may have forgotten in the moment.

The ability to replay the live stream and funeral video recording of the service enables everyone to watch the service at an appropriate time for themselves. They can pause, stop, rewind, soaking up those precious moments and words that were said of their loved one.

Sometimes, crying at the service can be too hard because you must keep it together to help others. Rewatching the funeral video recording in private later allows you to access those emotions and release the grief in a way you could not do in public.

Choosing a Professional Funeral Live Streaming and Video Production Service

Some funeral homes and memorial services will offer a live stream of the funeral service. Still, it is usually an additional service they started offering during the pandemic, and they may need the training, experience, or equipment to provide a highly professional video. Unfortunately, nothing can be worse than having a live stream with inaudible sound or issues connecting sounds and pictures simultaneously.

Funeral Live Stream image
Pauls Productions Funeral Live Streaming Gymea Sydney

Choosing a professional videographer will ensure you have someone with the experience and the right technology to provide the best and clear pictures connected with proper sound. A professional offering different camera views, with cameras mounted to prevent wavering or shaking video, will give a much better viewing experience for those watching the service.

The professional videographer will be better equipped to provide a video service that will remain a treasure. You will have the live stream link available for a few months and/or the professionally edited funeral video to rewatch whenever you want to continue healing from your grief at losing your loved one.



So, Why Live Stream a Funeral Service?

Providing a funeral live stream allows access to everyone to see and hear the funeral or memorial service, even those who cannot attend in person for whatever reason. In the past, those who couldn’t participate in a funeral would miss out on the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. Nowadays, providing a live stream of the service enables access for everyone.

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Pauls Productions Funeral Video Gymea Sydney

As well as providing access, those who attend the funeral in person may find that rewatching the funeral live stream or funeral video recording helps them process their grief better.

Engaging a professional videographer to capture the tributes and touching moments of the service provides a lasting treasure to rewatch when you need to grieve again.

Pauls Productions – Compassionate Farewell Video

PAULS PRODUCTIONS specialises in Video Live Streaming and High Quality Recording of Funeral & Memorial Services, enabling family and friends to feel ‘present’ in a service when not able to be in the room, and providing a valuable & lasting keepsake of their loved one.

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