Farewell Memories to Treasure with a Funeral Video

When a loved one dies, it is always challenging. Shock, grief, anger, and other emotions hit hard, and you may seem in a fog. Amid this pain, you must publicly farewell your loved one at the funeral service. While the funeral service is an integral part of the grieving process, allowing you to hear tributes about your loved one from family and friends, it can be a difficult day. Capturing a video and live streaming the service provides you with farewell memories to treasure.

Funeral Live Streaming – Why?

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Funeral Video Live Stream

A Funeral Live Stream of the funeral or Memorial Service allows people who cannot attend a local service to say farewell and gives excellent comfort and peace to those left behind. In these days of global living, some relatives and friends may have moved overseas or live too far away in Australia to attend the funeral service in Sydney.

Providing a live stream of the funeral enables people who cannot attend in person to say their farewells and grieve. The live stream video forms part of the video you can keep forever to rewatch and heal through the grieving process.

During the Covid lockdowns, when attendance at funerals was limited, live streaming was how people could still view the funeral service. Today, even without the pandemic restrictions, live streaming of such essential ceremonies is a popular way of enabling everyone to say farewell to their loved one.

Live stream videos can also be watched again after the event.

Grief Makes it Hard to Take Everything In

Due to your emotions and grief, you will likely tune out during part of the service. You may not even realise that you are distancing yourself from the immediacy of the grief you feel at the time. Many people who have watched a funeral service video after the event are surprised by what someone said because they don’t remember that on the day.

Even watching a video a day after the funeral, participants said they didn’t remember someone speaking or taking in all the lovely things said about their loved one. The funeral service passes quickly, and it can be too challenging to take everything in because of the emotions involved in saying goodbye.

Rewatching the Service in Later Times

Individuals will grieve in different ways. Watching a funeral service is not always an option at the time of the service, simply due to how an individual is processing the grief at their loss. However, when the time is suitable for the person, watching the funeral service video can be cathartic and provide a timely outlet for their sorrow.

Some people may want to watch a funeral service only once. Still, others may find it enables them to process different aspects of their grief at different times and will view the farewell of a very much loved one several times. Ensuring the video is available to those who want to watch it is a gift of love, helping each person in their grieving process.

Watching the Tributes Heals Grief

Years later, someone could say something to remind you of your loved one, and you’ll start grieving again. That may be the evening you dig out the video and finally watch it. Whenever you watch your funeral video, you’ll treasure the beautiful tributes people make about your loved one. You’ll enjoy the video of pictures and moments that capture your loved one’s lifetime and appreciate the treasure you have of the farewell memories.

Watching the various tributes provides insight into how your loved one impacted the lives of others around them. Each person is special and unique, and you may even discover something new about your loved one!

Watching the funeral video can assist with the grieving process, providing healing and comfort to those left behind.

Farewell Memories You’ll Treasure

When you choose to live stream the funeral service and receive the video to keep, you’ll have farewell memories to treasure forever. The video captures the most important parts of the day in its entirety, so you will see things you may have missed on the day, and can rewatch the tributes to your loved one to help you heal during your grieving process.

Pauls Productions – Compassionate Farewell Video

PAULS PRODUCTIONS specialises in Video Live Streaming and High Quality Recording of Funeral & Memorial Services, enabling family and friends to feel ‘present’ in a service when not able to be in the room, and providing a valuable & lasting keepsake of their loved one.

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