Automation Security specialises in security for the home and office, as well as home automation systems. This Business Explainer Video, or informational video, is produced for their web site Automation page.

The Home Automation Guy.

Video by Paul Sheaffe, Pauls Productions

What is a Business Explainer Video?

The Business Explainer Video for Automation Security Website enables you to provide more detail on a particular product or service that you offer. It showcases your experience and expertise both visually and audibly.

It helps to build trust and demonstrate that you are the expert in your field by sharing some of your knowledge and showing viewers that you do have the right product or service to solve their problem.

As it is targeted, and the viewer has chosen to watch it, there is usually a higher level of interest. Therefore, the viewer is more likely to watch it for a longer period of time than a welcome video.

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