why use video on your website
Why should you use video as part of your content marketing mix?

Video. It’s a form of content that is not only the most engaging for audiences, but it’s also an effective tool to help you cut through all the competing noise on the internet and get your business found quicker.

Did you know that video?

Given these statistics, it’s easy to see why Google loves video. In fact, Google loves it so much it only takes them eight hours to index a video on YouTube, versus up to four weeks for a website.

The benefits of video

Video has become one of the most important tools in the marketing arsenal of any business, regardless of size, industry or location.  It delivers a raft of benefits such as:

The ability to quickly deliver your message

People digest information they see or hear faster than when they read, so a video is an ideal way to get your message across in a quick and easily digestible manner. It is also a great complement to your written copy and when working alongside other content, helps to strengthen your overall message.

Drives traffic to your website

Google loves video. In fact, recent findings show that a webpage with video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than one with just text-based content.****

This suggests that Google prioritises video results, making them easier to be found and increasing the visibility of websites that have them. Combined with this is the fact that YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the world’s second largest search engine (behind Google itself). In a nutshell? If you want your business to be found online, video is key.

Engages your website visitors

Video helps to bring traffic to your website through improved search engine rankings. Then once they’re on your website it also helps to increase the amount of time they spend on there, being exposed to your value proposition, calls to actions and more. And the longer they spend on there? Well..not only do they get to know your business better, but they also help to increase your search engine ranking because Google deems your website, more engaging and therefore more valuable to visitors.

It gives your business personality

Whilst team profiles and photos help to convey what a business is like, video can really drive home the message. Presenting your workplace spirit and showing your audience the real you, and your business in action, will deliver a more effective and accurate portrayal of the personality of you, your team and your business overall.

Increases credibility and trustworthiness

People like to know who they’re buying from. It helps to eliminate hesitation and resistance, and makes the overall conversion to becoming a customer easier as you have built your credibility and trust factor. Videos of yourself, the team, product demonstrations, the team in action and more are a great way to help visitors get to know you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

Increase your reach

Video content is highly shareable. Just like a standard blog gets shared throughout social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, so too can video. So, by sharing yours through your own social media networks and allowing visitors to further share it, your reach and exposure grows exponentially. All of which is working to increase the traffic to your site and the overall visibility of your business.

Repeat visitors and audience

Getting someone to visit your website or social media once is a good thing, but even better is encouraging them to repeatedly return. A great way to do this is by adding exciting, engaging and useful videos that deliver value to viewers. Therefore, achieving repeat visits will enable you to further promote your business, offerings and firmly cement your business in your viewer’s mindset.

Reality is viewers are consuming video content more than ever before and this trend isn’t slowing down. So, in fact, the transition from text to visual content has proven so substantial that businesses that don’t make the transition will inevitably be left behind.

And with all the benefits of video clear to see, the question isn’t ‘why’ but ‘how’ when it comes to video.

In the meantime, we hope to see you through our lens soon!

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