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From the small business owner who works from home and wants to show a professional front on their website, to larger businesses with an office, warehouse or other physical premises who want to film onsite, video works across all business sizes and industries.

Why? Because its a terrific tool to use when marketing your business as it is an effective visual medium that showcases your business, what it does and how you can help, so it needs to be a high-quality product that reflects favourably on your business brand.

But what makes a compelling and high-quality video? Is it something you can do yourself or would you benefit from a professional videographer?

When creating video, there are five main elements that will determine how well it looks once it is completed:

  1. Audio (the quality of sound, elimination of any echo or distortion) 
  2. Lighting (the clarity of picture, visibility of all elements) 
  3. Stability  (the use of a tripod or other devices when filming)
  4. Professional camera equipment (for the best quality images and sounds) 
  5. Post-production tools (for editing, colour correction, audio filtering & enhancement)

So when we take these factors into account, what are the pros and cons of a DIY approach VERSUS using a professional videographer for your business?

The pros of DIY Video Production include the following:

The cons of DIY Video Production include the following:

The pros of using a professional videographer include the following:

The cons of using a production company include the following:

With all the pros and cons, it’s worth noting that there are some occasions when a DIY video is warranted and appropriate. These instances may include regular Vlogs, live streaming on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, webcasts or quick business snapshots of events like team birthdays, a new product delivery, or a team event photo. Whilst these content pieces are great to have and share online and across your social media channels, they don’t require top-quality video or expert editing.

However, conversely, there are definitely times that professional video is the best option. For example, a professionally made corporate video (for your website, a trade show or presentation) is a business asset. One that will be seen by a large audience, (either online, in person or both), of prospects and clients and is a direct reflection of your brand. So ensuring it is top quality is essential – after all you wouldn’t distribute damaged or creased brochures to your market, so why release a sub-standard video?

It’s clear that making a quality video requires many skills – setup, direction, lighting, sound, and editing, just to name a few. And while you may be able to enlist some team members and work through the process together, the value of experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to video production.

The reality is that a professional video producer will have all the best equipment and will set up the technology properly, so that the sound and video come together to create a truly valuable business video that portrays your business in the best light possible.

Let’s take a look!

Below are some ideal reel (get it?) examples of effective videos:

Kathleen Ann of Power Up Your Marketing BX presentation

In the meantime, we hope to see you through our lens soon!

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