How can you prepare for recording your business presentation?

Holding a presentation for your business or speaking at a conference is a great opportunity to create valuable video content as this video can be leveraged in a myriad of ways to not only showcase your expertise but to also promote your business. From uploading it to your website and YouTube, or providing it to event attendees, through to sharing it across your social media channels or even using it as an internal training video, the options are endless.

In order to create a polished and professional presentation video, it’s important to prepare prior to the event to ensure the video is top quality and that you’re the best possible representation of your brand in this visual medium.

The how

So to help you do exactly that, in this blog we will look at how to prepare for the recording of your presentation and speech with regards to the venue. And then remember to stay tuned for our next blog which will share helpful tips on how to prepare – you the presenter – for your big presentation day!

Preparing: The Logistics

Firstly, it’s essential that both you and the video producer take the actions needed to ensure you’re both familiar with the venue to avoid any unexpected surprises on the day of the presentation:

Visit the venue with the video producer PRIOR to the event 

Make sure you know what the set up of the venue will be and what background colour will be behind you as you give your presentation. If the conference room has a black backdrop, for example, you will want to wear brighter coloured clothing, so you are easily visible against the backdrop. This visit will also enable you both to discuss the best camera angles to use and identify what equipment is needed.  

Arrive early to set up  

Arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to set up any equipment you need. When you bring a video producer along, they will need additional time to get the sound and visual equipment properly set up. You may need to wear a microphone for the video and do some sound checks with the video producer prior to attendees arriving at the convention or venue.  

Give the video producer a copy of the presentation 

Before your presentation, make sure you discuss the presentation and timing with the video producer. If you want any particular sections covered in a special way or if you have a slide show prepared, you need to let them know this is advance. Also give them a copy of your presentation, complete with slides, speech, and timing notes as this will enable the video producer to follow your presentation precisely and always have the camera in the right spot.  

Know where the camera is during the presentation 

As you give your presentation to the audience, its important to keep in mind where the camera is situated. For example, you do not want to walk in front of your slide show from the camera angle and end up blocking the visual elements of your presentation to the camera. In addition, while you should be natural and speak to the audience in front of you, it’s important to look directly at the camera at some points during your presentation as this will enable the audience of the video to feel like you are speaking to them as well.  

Well that’s the venue preparation ticked off!

Stay tuned!

Remember to stay tuned for our next blog in this series when we discuss how to prepare you for your business presentation! And whether what you wear really matters…sneak preview..the answer is YES! And much more…

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