Testimonial for Pauls Productions by Mike Schoettler, Professional Speaker

Mike Schoettler is a professional speaker and MC who has worked with Paul Sheaffe and Pauls Productions in several situations over recent years. He recommends other speakers engage Pauls Productions to record their conference or seminar presentations, allowing a greater return on their investment.

Kathleen Ann Testimonial for Paul Sheaffe

Kathleen Ann is the Money Marketing Mentor at Power Up Your Marketing. Kathleen worked with Paul Sheaffe at Pauls Productions to produce a new suite of videos for her updated website. Please visit her site to check them out here. https://powerupyourmarketing.com/ It’s important that each web page video conveys the correct message for that page’s content. […]

Video Testimonial for LinkedIn Workshop by Kathleen & Jillian

vidseo testimonial image

Kathleen Ann & Jillian Bullock ran a one-day workshop called “Marketing with LinkedIn”. Here’s what Nikhil Rughani thought of the workshop. Video Testiminonials are GOLD, and worth grabbing with whatever device you have at hand. Paul Sheaffe, Pauls Productions, also attended this workshop and recorded Nihkhil on a high quality Samsung phone. However, it is […]

Peter Scarfo Video Testimonial for Pauls Productions

I’ve been working with Paul from Pauls Productions to create engaging videos for my clients. These videos not only show my customers what we do, they are so engaging, they help them understand every aspect of what my business provides.

NPDS Testimonial by Kathleen Ann

Kathleen Ann, owner of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’, speaks of the great work & service from Ravind Chand, owner of National Print & Design Services. NPDS provided her banner and business cards when Kathleen rebranded her business.www.nationalpds.com.auwww.puym.com.auwww.paulsproductions.com

Sandy Bartlett Testimonial for Paul Sheaffe

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Sandra Bartlett, Your Cool confidence Coach at Stairway2Dreams, speaks of her experience working with Paul Sheaffe of Pauls Productions. A Video Testimonial is a true and authentic testimonial from a valued customer. Find out more on our Video Testimonials page. So, Visit Sandy’s web site to see she is who she says she is.

Antony Lo, The Physio Detective, Testimonial

Antony Lo, The Physio Detective, engaged Pauls Productions to video record a 2-day training workshop. The setup included multiple cameras and the ability to pickup conversation of participants as well as the leading instructors.

Pauls Productions Testimonial by CVPD

Pauls Productions Testimonial Video Pauls Productions Testimonial Video – Pauls Productions has produced videos for Creative Visions Print & Design in Wollongong, and come highly recommended by Graham Jones and the team at CVPD. Video transcript G’day, I’m Graham from Creative Visions Print and Design in Wollongong. I’m here to tell you today about Pauls […]

Video Testimonial – Bounce Back Horse Fence

Why use a Video Testimonial? Real stories from real clients carry so much more weight than what a business says about itself. Giving your clients a chance to offer their praise adds a potent level of compelling transparency to your business that no amount of market-savvy copy will give. When comparing a video testimonial with […]